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Would you like to feel more confident and prepared for birth and caring for a newborn baby?

I’m Sian and together with Ann and Lauren, we’re a team of professionally trained and experienced teachers offering private group or one-to-one antenatal classes across Norfolk and North Suffolk. We’ll provide you with evidence-based information together with specific tools, strategies and tailored local knowledge so you feel more confident and empowered to trust your instincts in order to make the best choices for you and your baby.

Our classes are fun and interactive so through listening, practice and discussion with your teacher and others on your course, you’ll have your questions answered and learn what you really need to know about birth and early parenting, including caring for a newborn baby and feeding. We’ll introduce you to others expecting a baby at a similar time and be on hand for support or general reassurance until your baby is a few months old.

We’ve supported thousands of expectant parents on their pathway to parenting and it would be an honour to be by your side on every step of your journey.


This is birth and parenting preparation with About Birth and Babies – your local leading provider of private antenatal and hypnobirthing classes in Norfolk and winner of ‘Best Antenatal Course’ two years running.

Even if you’re surrounded by family and friends who have children, we know you will want to feel informed, prepared and confident during your own pregnancy, birth and first few months with your newborn baby. You’re probably feeling super excited knowing you have a baby on the way, but also a little bit nervous?

All you need is a local expert who can answer your questions, tell you what you really need to know, support you to make informed decisions and put your mind at ease as you transition into the wonderful world of parenthood.

A little history since putting down our roots in 2015 
Have your questions answered and learn from your local experts
Comprehensive birth and parenting preparation courses

Welcome to Norfolk’s Antenatal Hub!

About Birth and Babies expert antenatal teachers are specially trained and experienced to give you all the knowledge, confidence, strategies and skills you need to have a calm and positive birth experience no matter how your baby is born. We want you to feel fully prepared and empowered to ask questions and trust your instincts to make decisions for you and your baby.

Hundreds of expectant parents join us each year on our award-winning group antenatal courses. We bring together local pregnant women and birth partners, creating supportive communities of like-minded parents-to-be whose babies are due around the same time.

We also offer private one-to-one antenatal classes for expectant parents who don’t like the idea of learning in a group setting, whose lifestyles don’t align with course dates or who have more individual needs.

Be sure to book your antenatal course early for the best availability.

Group antenatal, hypnobirthing and refresher courses
Carefully selected venues for ease of access, comfort and facilities
Answers to questions
that we get
asked frequently

Meet The Teachers

Professional, Independent Antenatal Teachers

We’re Sian Verney, Ann Roberts and Lauren Birch; your local experts in antenatal education – providing all the information and reassurance you need and who would love to support you along your journey to parenthood. Read what other expectant parents have said about us below. We think you’ll be convinced!

Early Pregnancy
Sign up for a free 
class and celebrate your
pregnancy with others at a
similar stage to you.
Full Antenatal
course covering all
aspects of pregnancy, birth
and early parenthood.
One to One
For those who would
prefer not to be in a
group or where lifestyles
mean it would be difficult to attend a course.
Bolt on simple but
specific techniques
for an enriched and
positive birth experience
Refresh your knowledge, recognise
the challenges you may have faced
previously and consider the impact of
introducing a new baby to the family.
After your baby is
born, get together with
other new parents
and babies
Based on 96 reviews
George Webster
George Webster
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Fantastic course covering a wide range of birthing topics. Really useful advice connected to baby care and feeding and a great way to meet other couples and share experiences.
Robert Hawkes
Robert Hawkes
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If I could give this course more than five stars I would. About birth and babies (and Sian especially) is a complete must for any expecting parents. The course itself fully prepared us for the birth of our first child. It gave us confidence to make informed decisions before the birth and (when things didn’t go to plan) it allowed us to make rapid informed decisions throughout labour. However, what really stands for me is the incredible after care that Sian gave us after the birth. Like (most?) expecting dads I gave little thought to the days and weeks after the birth, with most of my attention focused solely on the birth itself. When my wife ran into some really worrying and painful breast feeding problems Sian was there for us every step of the way to help resolve this issue. Without her interventions (some of which were in unsociable hours) we would have given up on breastfeeding. Can’t recommend highly enough. Rob and Ola
Jessica Matthews
Jessica Matthews
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We have just finished our private 1:1 antenatal course with Sian, and we would absolutely recommend. She is very thorough, and has a lot of knowledge about each subject. We felt that she covered everything, & we are now prepared for our journey ahead. We loved that the classes were very hands on as it gave us the opportunity to practice. Sian has since sent us multiple handouts & recommendations for us to look back through, which we are finding useful as the classes were a lot to take in. Going forward if we were to have another baby we would definitely choose About Birth & Babies & will also highly recommend to anyone having a baby. Sian is fantastic! We can’t thank her enough.
Suzanne Merrylees
Suzanne Merrylees
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
We took Sian's antenatal class and so very pleased we did! She is extremely knowledgeable about everything babies and we felt so well informed and ready for when baby arrived. She gave us the confidence and information we needed to have the labour and birth we had hoped for. She has a huge network of contacts throughout Norfolk which made finding other services stress free. Excellent value for money and I could not recommend more highly. Thank you Sian!!
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Extremely knowledgeable, Sian guides you through the birthing experience, and care of your baby in a friendly and informative way. Plenty of opportunities to discuss things as a group, ask questions and review topics if needed. I particularly enjoyed the practical elements.
Gemma White
Gemma White
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
My husband and I have just attended this course with Sian. She provided a wealth of practice examples and information and we would definately recommend her.
Harpreet Mandair
Harpreet Mandair
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
100% recommend for any parents who have plenty of questions and want to be as prepared as possible. We both learnt a lot about pain management options during labour as well as the important roll your birthing partner plays. My husband definitely felt more confident and prepared about what was to come and so did I. Met some lovely people who were due around the same time as us. So glad we made the decision to attend these antenatal classes.
Catherine Fitchew
Catherine Fitchew
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Sian is so knowledgeable. We learnt so much during our antenatal classes and really enjoyed every minute. We would highly recommend About birth and babies antenatal classes. Thank-you Sian! X
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Just finished the Full Antenatal Class with Sian. Found it so helpful and learnt loads about pregnancy, labour and baby care. Sian is excellent and incredibly knowledgeable. Was a great chance to meet other parents too. Would recommend this class to any new parent as we are feeling so much more prepared and confident now!

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